Rules and policies



Children must attend school every day and be on time.  Schooling is compulsory in Queensland until the age of 16.

The school is obliged to investigate unexplained absences. 

Parents should contact the school when their child is absent and provide a reason for the absence.  A phone call on the morning of the absence is preferred, however parents can also text the absence line or email us to notify of absence. 

Collection of children during school time

If children are required to be leave the school during the day (e.g. for appointment) they must the picked up by a parent / carer.  Parents / Carers should come to the office to sign the student out.

Lateness to school

Students should be at school by 8.50am.  Students arriving after this time should report to the office to obtain a late slip.

Students arriving after 9.30am are marked as absent for the morning.   


If a child is ill at school and cannot return to class, every effort is made to contact one of the parents (or emergency contacts listed) to advise them.  Parents will then be asked to make arrangements to collect and care for their child.

Please ensure parent contact details and emergency contacts are up to date.


Should students be required to take medication at school, all Education Queensland policies are adhered to.  In respect of this, the following points are made:

  • Only medication prescribed by a doctor can be administered.  Over the counter medication such as paracetamol, cough mixture cannot be administered unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • Parents must notify the school in writing and request administration of medication.  The Administration of medication form (PDF, 438KB) must be completed and signed for staff to administer medication.  This form can be found in our online documents store on the website or can be obtained from the office.
  • Medication must be provided in its original labelled container.
  • Medication should be handed in to the office before school and collected at 3pm.

Students who require administration of asthma preventer or reliever puffers may keep them with them if they are responsible and confident in their usage.  Alternatively these can be kept at office or with the class teacher.

Students who require Epipens for anaphylaxis will have an emergency medical plan written.  

Emergency Medical Plans are also written for other serious medical conditions.

Personal technology devices - mobile phones

We do not recommend personal technology devices such as mobile phones, computer games and the like be brought to school.

If brought to school, these devices should be handed in at the office for security.

Should parents need to get a message to their children, please phone the office and we can pass the message on. Our full Personal technology devices policy (PDF, 41 KB) is available.


Mount Gravatt State School places a high priority on the wearing of the school uniform.  We are proud of our school and our uniform. It is expected that all students wear the uniform neatly each day.  There is a formal and sports uniform.  All students are expected to have both uniforms, which are worn on different occasions.

School colours are black and gold.

Please view our School dress code (PDF, 355KB) for more information. 

Our uniform shop is open Thursdays from 2.30-330pm.


Last reviewed 20 February 2020
Last updated 20 February 2020